This is my new blog about my new life. Recently my friend began a website that has inspired me to want to change some things in my life as well ( www.eatcleanlivegreen.com)

So I guess I should start with a bit of background…

I am a recent University grad with a BSc in Chemical Engineering. I was born and raised in Calgary and am currently working in the oil and gas industry in Northern Alberta at a gas processing facility in the middle of nowhere.

How did I end up here you ask? Well after 6 (…yes 6) painstaking years in university, I jumped at the opportunity to start off my career in a truly hands on environment (no more textbooks YAY!). I was so excited to move on with life after school that I agreed to move to Northern Alberta for at least 2 year to a town I had never even been to. I packed up all my things (and my Fiance), left my family and friends and moved up north to start my new life.

When you spend 6 years in school it’s really easy to put yourself at the bottom of the priority list in order to get through piles of homework, assignments, midterms and finals.  I’ve been here for a few months now, and the dust has begun to settle from the chaos of moving. So at this point I feel that I need to accomplish a few things while I’m up here in order to better myself and my future (while trying to adjust to life in a small town). The things that I’m looking to accomplish are:

  1. A Healthier Lifestyle: after so many years of eating what’s quick easy and cheap, I’m beginning to discover that my nutrition habits are definitely sub-par, as is my exercise routine…
  2. Balancing the Budget: my student loans and credit cards are enough to make you want to cry. I need to focus on how to manage money as this is the first time in my life that I am actually earning a full-time salary so I need to use it efficiently as possible so that by the time I’m ready to move home (and have a wedding) I will be more than prepared
  3. Find positive hobbies: and by positive I mean that watching TV does not count. I live in one of the coldest climates on the planet and winter is here so I need to find a way to make the best of my time up here so that I don’t look at this life experience and think “Gee I wish I would have done ___”. This also relates to the above goals as well I guess…

Well that’s about it for now! I’m really excited to start!


~ by Richelle on October 20, 2009.

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