New Habit #1

I have decided that a major flaw in my routine is to head home with no plan in mind as to what I’m going to have or make for dinner. I work a 10 hour day, so by the time I get home I’m STARVING, so I end up snacking on whatever until I can make up my mind as to what I’m going to cook, and then sometimes I’m not even hungry anymore because I’ve filled up on junk!

So here’s my new plan:

  • Pack a small snack for the 45 minute drive home so that I am not starving when I get there, or have a snack at the 3:00pm coffee break that is filling and nutritious, such as fruits and veggies, possibly nuts
  • Print off recipes before I leave work so that I’m going home with a plan and if I’m missing any ingredients I can pick them up on the way

After writing this down it seems so common sense, but for some reason I haven’t thought of it until now… hmm…


~ by Richelle on October 23, 2009.

One Response to “New Habit #1”

  1. nice thinking! i love nuts!

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