I have not posted in a while, and so I’ve decided to talk about what EVERYONE is talking about and that is the H1N1 flu, or the “Hi-Nye” flu as my dad likes to call it (apparently 1’s look like I’s, and now this nickname has stuck with me).


Last weekend I came home to a VERY sick fiance, and although I accept that he is is big sucky mess when he’s sick, this time he was really sick. And then of course because this flu is all over the news everyday it was the first thing that popped into my head, so I decided to research his symptoms…

According to McGill, the symptoms are as follows:

  • shortness of breath
  • pain in the chest or abdomen
  • sudden dizziness or confusion
  • persistent vomiting
  • a recurring fever and/or cough
  • fever
  • coughing
  • headaches
  • muscle or joint pain
  • diarrhea and vomiting
  • sore throat
  • chills
  • fatigue
  • runny nose

Well needless to say that didn’t make me feel any better, seeings how he had MOST of these. So we decided to stay at home until either a) the fever got worse or b) his breathing got worse. And then I followed these cautionary procedures (also from McGill):

  1. Keep the sick person in a room separate from the common areas of the house. Keep the door closed. (I got to sleep on the couch… and still am)
  2. Remind the sick person to cover their coughs and clean their hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer often, especially after coughing and/or sneezing.
  3. Avoid face-to-face contact with the sick person.
  4. Unless necessary for medical care or other urgent business, people with flu-like symptoms should stay home and minimize contact with others for 7 days after their symptoms begin, or until they have been symptom-free for 24 hours, whichever is longer. (He’s missed school since Friday and is very upset about it, but I told him that if I know anything from my 6 years of University, he didn’t miss much in one week that he can’t catch up on)
  5. Have everyone in the household clean their hands often, using soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. (My hands are so dry and angry at me for washing/sanitizing so much, thank god for Lemony Flutter)
  6. If possible, sick people should use a separate bathroom. This bathroom should be cleaned daily with household disinfectant. (This was of course not possible because we only have one bathroom…)

I also had him:

  • Drink LOTS of water, and tea with honey (more on the benefits of Honey later…)
  • Gargle with salt water
  • Take Tylenol Flu pills
  • Take as most Vitamin C/ Echinacea as possible (I did this one too)
  • Rest rest rest rest rest….

So I didn’t go to work on Monday because I started feeling sick on Saturday morning and still didn’t feel myself Sunday night, and I definitely didn’t want to make my co-workers sick. But when I got back to work on Tuesday, I felt a little like I was covered in the plague or something, and I know that people are scared of this flu, but what am I supposed to do? I can’t stay home forever if I’m feeling well. How long are you supposed to stay home??

Now he’s been home all week, but he has an Art History midterm today which he is determined to write… what can we do about that? Speaking from experience, deffered exams are a horrible thing to have to write, and he’s feeling well enough to write it, he just has a cough still

And to top it off, Grande Prairie has run out of H1N1 vaccine shots. We were on the fence about getting one, but I guess our decision has been made for us (for now at least)… YEEESH not the best way to start off a winter!!


~ by Richelle on October 29, 2009.

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