Novemberance Day

Today is the day where I have obviously lost my ability to comprehend the english language because for some reason everytime I try to say “remembrance day”, “NOvemberance day” pops out… hmmm must be just that kinda day


There seems to be a weird feeling at work today, like it’s Friday but it is in fact only Wednesday, everyone seems completely unmotivated (or perhaps that’s because the Boss took today off). Today is a stat holiday, however you can work and take Christmas eve off instead (an obvious choice for me since I’ll be in Calgary on the 24th and could use the extra day since I burned up all of my vacation days this summer).

This morning when my alarm clock went off however, this choice did not seem so obvious! I hit the snooze button for over an hour! WHAT is wrong with me! so instead of having time to have a shower, eat breakfast and make lunch at my leisurely pace (as I usually do) I was racing around in a chaotic mess as I left myself only 15 mins to do the things that usually take over an hour. This is definitely not the way to start my day.

So I washed my hair, threw on some clothes, tossed a can of soup in my purse and ran out the door. This is not a good mindset to have when you have to drive 45 mins on the highway, in the pitch black on frosty highways, playing “spot the deer before it hits your bumper”.

I realize that my fundamental issue is the snooze button. I get no greater joy than rolling over and smacking that thing so I can nestle into my nice warm sheets for 9 more minutes…

I have tried several things such as setting my clock ahead, moving the alarm clock across the room, going to bed earlier and vowing to NOT hit that magical little button. However all these strategies are a big fat fail. I am a snoozaholic

But I can’t have mornings like this anymore. So I believe what I need to do is be more productive at night so that I can satisfy the snooze button craving. Things like showering before bed (not in the morning), chopping up lunch ingredients at night (not in the morning) and programming the coffee maker to have a nice pot waiting to greet  me at 5:30 am. I realize that this may not seem too early for some people, but it’s a big adjustment from university when my earliest class was at 9am and it was fully acceptable to roll out of bed, throw on a toque and my cleanest pair of sweats and head out the door…

On another unrelated note, yesterday we had a safety meeting. Our district was incident free for the 2009 safety year so the boss’ decided to hand out gifts as an appreciation. What was the gift? A switchblade saw with ~6 in. blade on it. Nothing says thanks for being safe like handing out sharp dangerous objects…


~ by Richelle on November 11, 2009.

One Response to “Novemberance Day”

  1. LOL at the switchblade! 5:30 am is really, really early 😉

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