Last night my boss phoned me to offer some tickets for a comedy show. Brett and I had nothing planned so we agreed to go.

The show was at a junior high not far from my house. At first I thought I’d been tricked into seeing a kids show, but the tickets stated ” adult only” and drinks at 6 so we were confident it would be a good time. There was also all you could eat pizza, which Brett couldn’t get to fast enough…

We walked into the school gym and the woman at the front told us that we needed to pay to get in, $30 each, umm WTF?! We tried explaining that the tickets were given to us but she wouldn’t budge so we moved aside to let other people in and to give my boss a call. He of course didn’t answer so we left.

As we were driving home, sad that we had nothing to do on a Saturday night, I spotted a bingo hall. I have never been to one before so we thought about it for a sec and decided “why not!”

So we went in and it was actually pretty huge and filled with people, 292 players actually. Brett bought the cards and a pink dabber for me and the game began. I have never felt so lost in my life! The caller was so quick and I was missing numbers and cursing and just generally lost. Brett as well as the 90 year old ladies around us were getting a kick out of it. By the 3rd game I got my bearings and was having a good time!

I think this is definitely something we’ll try again 🙂


~ by Richelle on December 6, 2009.

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