New Year, new post

Ok I know I said I’d post last night, but things got a little hectic and I ran out of time…

I love the new year because it gives me a chance to reflect on the past year and look forward to the next. Looking back on 2009, I think it was in fact one of the biggest and most important years of my life. The major highlights for me are as follows (but not limited to):

  • January: This time last year I was beginning my final semester of University. After 6 looooooong years this was an incredible feeling even though I knew it was going to be a tough one!


  • March: The Iron Ring ceremony was in March. It was a pretty amazing day. you wait 4 years as an engineering student to recieve that tiny piece of precious metal. It is definitely something that I will wear with pride for the rest of my life


  • April: My last month of school EVER!! The semester was insanely hard, mostly because of our 4th year Engineering Design project (if I ever have to hear about Hydrogen Fuel ever ever again it will be too soon!) and because of a little nightmare of a class known as Process Design and Controls *shiver*. After several months of long long days (and nights, sometimes till past 4am) spent in the computer lab dealing with impossible assignments and the occasional drunken group member, I WAS DONE.


  • May: This month began as chaos and finished that way. My Fiance (well not yet but we’ll get to that) and I had planned an amazing 14 days in Mexico to celebrate my 6 year accomplishment. We were booked to fly on May 3rd, when this lovely little thing you may heard of called the swine flu broke out all over! Needless to say we had to scramble to find a solution as we did not purchase trip insurance and would lose all of our money if we didn’t… So with the assistance of a lovely travel agent we found a hotel and flight to Tamarindo in Costa Rica departing on May 5th. We were there for 7 amazing nights and I believe that it turned out to be an even better vacation than Mexico!


  • May (cont’d): Immediately after arriving home I had to pack everything I could fit into 2 suitcases and board a plane bound for Grande Prairie to start my new job. I was up there for 2 weeks by myself, living in a hotel, while Brett stayed behind and packed up our home into several brown boxes.


  • June: I flew home for my Convocation Ceremony, one of the biggest days of my life!! I couldn’t have been happier that day!!

  • August: Brett and I headed to Kelowna for a little family vacation. Little did I know that on August 14th Brett was going to propose out on the dock at sunset, making me the happiest girl in the world!!

Afer summer vacation we returned up north and I began writing this blog. I find this to be such an amazing outlet for me, and I know it’s only going to get better!!

As I look forward to 2010 I am excited for so many reasons, and I have some real goals for myself. This is the first year in my life that I am not in school, that I actually have free time and I plan to make the most of it!

In 2010 I want to:

  • Expand on my passion for Photography: As a Christmas present to myself I purchased a Canon Rebel T1i (which I have not yet recieved but that is another story). Photography has always been an interest of mine, in fact in High School I wanted to pursue it as a career, but on the advice of my family I decided to put it on hold so that I could persue a degree that would afford me the luxury of doing it as a hobby. So now that I decided to spend money that I don’t really have so that I can grow and develop my interests. I am so unbelieveably excited to see where this takes me!


  • Focus on Health: I started this journey late in 2009, and I have learned so much so far! I’m not where I want to be yet, but I am definitely on the right path! I know that through improved diet and exercise I will look and feel better!


  • Plan my Wedding: 1 year and 7 months until the big day!! This is a once in a lifetime experience and I am so excited!!! I also have a team of 3 beautiful ladies helping me out, so I know this is going to be a good time! And I promise I will not become a bridezilla lol!


  • Budget: For my everyday life, for my soon to be husbands tuition, for the wedding and for the future! As an engineer I’m good with numbers, I am however not so great at managing them when it comes to my personal life. I’m not worried though! With the help of my accountant Mother I know that I’ll stick to my budgetary plans for the greater good. I just have to remember to think long term (even though in the short term I really would love a new pair of boots…)


  • Blog: I started late in 2009, but I will do it for the entirety of 2010. It will be pretty neat to look back this time next year at all of my posts! what a trip!!

Bring it on 2010!!!


~ by Richelle on January 7, 2010.

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