My First Expo

As some of you may know I am in the very (very) early stages of planning my wedding to my amazing fiance! While we haven’t yet manage to accomplish anything except for setting a date (Aug 6, 2011) we decided to go to the biggest Bridal expo in the Peace County yesterday morning.

Now I have never been to one, and from what my married friends tell me there’s nothing special about them, however I had nothing else to do wanted to see for myself.

Because it was a Sunday morning we decided to stop off at Timmy’s to grab some coffee because it’s like crack really good

When we got to the expo centre, there was a large sign at the front door: “ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK”.

Well eff, I had just bought my coffee, and it was not welcome. So we decided to casually stand off to the side and sip away unoticed (or so we though). Pretty soon this large booming woman that I was not about to mess with sternly reminded us of the outside drinks policy and told us we had to pitch it or else go stand outside and drink it. Well it was snowing and cold so I mad the obvious choice and pitched it (while mumbling profanity slightly louder than I should have)

So after paying our $15 each we went in and the room was filled with vendors of all kinds and even a fashion show. It was nice until I started to realize that I am not having my wedding up north and really none of this is applicable. So I spent the rest of the morning filling out ballots trying to win stuff and wishing that I had a gazillion dollars to spend on my big day as I’m starting to realize just how pricey things are. Now I’m not cheap, but I’m also not stupid, and I believe that it’s only one day and that I don’t need to go into debt in order to get married!

My conclusion about the event: It would have been much more useful if I was a GP bride

I wish I was able to go to the Expo that happened in Calgary on Sunday as well, from what I hear it was really good

So after an entire morning of wedding related propoganda, I am still no closer to being done. So far these are the realizations I’m making:

  • It is really hard to set a budget when you have no idea what you want
  • Making a guest list is not as easy as you’d think. So far we have 82 people, which is way WAY more than I wanted, but also a wierd number, so I’m thinking either 50 or 100
  • We are debating between Calgary and Canmore for a location. I would LOVE to get married in the Rocky mountains, it is my absolute favorite place in the world (and the pics would be amazing!!), however the venue we’re looking at in Canmore will only hold 50 people, and how am I supposed to cut 32 people from my list?!
  • Do I really want to invite all of my family + significant others? I’m very close with my immediate family, but not so much with the Aunts/Uncles/Cousins… Is it wrong to not invite some of them? the ones I haven’t spoken to in years that have never even met my fiance?
  • I am not yet ready to try on a dress. Not because of nerves, just because I don’t want to be disappointed in what I see. I have a lot of work to do including eating healthy and going to the gym
  • I want to wear a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes on my wedding day. (non-negotiable)


~ by Richelle on January 25, 2010.

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