Long Weekend Love

Yes although I do get every second Friday off, when official long weekends come along I get giddy like a little kid! This weekend in particular was destined to ba a good one: The olympics kicked off, it was Valentines day and Family day!

On Friday night I was so tired I could barely keep my eyelids open… The future hubby and I went out for a nice dinner after work. When we arrived home my dog had made me a little present:

He decided to revamp my $300 pair of oakleys with some arm bends and lens twisting…

Brett could tell that was more than I wanted to handle after a full week so he went over to a friends house while I PVR’d the opening ceremonies and went to bed early.

I find it very difficult when my dog decides to destroy things because I have no idea how to fix the problem. For one thing he’s really cute and very hard to yell at because he looks at me like this all the time:

And secondly he’s a big, dumb goofy dog. Even if I do yell and scream untill I can’t anymore, he doesn’t understand why I’m mad, just that I’m mad, so then he’ll tend to be a little scared and avoid me if possible… Usually the only things he tends to wreck are things that have been left on the floor, such as socks or a piece of paper, but this was the first time he had ever taken something off the table and decided to chew it to bits. So I have no idea what to expect next…

After some much needed sleep, Saturday morning  consisted of curling up on the couch with some fresh coffee in my oh so appropriate mug, and watching the opening ceremonies (which were amazing btw)

When Brett finally got up, I had a suprise waiting for him:

Yep, that’s right, Green Monsters. A delightful combination of Spinach, almond milk, banana and flax seed with a little bit of ice. Brett did look at me like I was insane when I passed him this bright green concoction, but one sip was all it took and we were in love. I was so surprised that a drink with so much spinach and such an obvious green colour could taste nothing like spinach! These are definitely going to become a morning staple!

Saturday night we went to the school gym again with our friends and had a pretty intense game of badminton for a few hours. It’s my favorite way to work up a great sweat, so much more interesting and fun than going to the gym!

Sunday it was Valantines day, and it was perfect! we didn’t do anything fancy, but we did spend the day doing sweet little things for each other, followed by him cooking me a lovely sausage linguine in a rose sauce with peppers and spinach and a little wine on the side 😉

This was our first v-day as an engaged couple and it was perfect! he got me some absolutely amazing flowers:

Complete with Pink Roses:

and purple orchids:

As well as the cutest little lip gift set from my favortite makeup store:

After watching the nail biting men’s moguls finals, and witnessing Canada’s first gold medal on home soil (YAY!! So proud!!), we finished off the night (and the wine) watching “Couple’s Retreat” (hilarious!)

Today the weather was unusually warm (almost +10C) so we went to the dog park for a good few hours and enjoyed the sunshine with (what seemed like) a hundred other dogs. My boy was so tired by the end we practically had to drag him back to the truck!

Isn’t it wierd how in October when the temperature drops to 10C it feels so cold, but in February at the same temperature you feel like you could be wearing shorts?

Well I hear a lot of crashing and banging in the kitchen, I better go see what’s happening before the cursing starts, Brett’s cooking, and sounds like he needs some help (he’s making steak, mmmmmmm)


~ by Richelle on February 15, 2010.

One Response to “Long Weekend Love”

  1. MMMMMMM Me likey the green monsters!!!

    REALLY cute story about Cash BTW those pups don’t even know how much being cute saves them from a good stern talkin’ to….

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