Veggie Day 2

Still posting from mu phone, i appologize for the lack of formatting, pictures and potential spelling errors…

I can’t believe Monday is over already! Work has been so busy lately that I barely have time to do anything. Mondays are especially hard (for obvious reasons) as well as all the catching up I have to do because gas wells and operators work on the weekend even though I don’t. Also as I’ve mentioned before this is by far the busiest time of year in the patch. Last week was exceptionally warm resulting in a lot of snow meltage which equals mud ( I went to the car wash tonight to wash off all of the mud, it was $30!). While I’m excited that the weather is warming and the days are getting longer ( the sky on my drive to work is now a dark shade of blue instead of the usual black) the warm weather makes my job harder because at any minute road bans could be put into effect and that makes it impossible to move equipment around!

Also this week I’ve been dealing with the installation and operation of a pressure control valve. I took an entire course on controls in 4th year engineering, and that class was a complete nightmare! There was way WAY too many nights spent in the computer lab until early morning hours. Because that class made my life a living hell, after I wrote my final I wiped it clear from my mind, determined that if I was ever in a job that demanded knowledge of that subject I would without hesitation run screaming from the building.

Turns out I was lying to myself.

Out of all of my university courses, process controls seems to be the one I in fact use the most. And it’s not so bad in the real world! Take away the textbook, lectures and painful assignments and it’s a rather useful subject. So I am spending my time dealing with terminology like “air-to-close”, “fail open”, and “direct acting” (among others, but I won’t bore you anymore) and not because I have to, but because I understand that I need to. It’s a pretty big transition to come out of school and into the working world, but I believe that I’m learning the lessons necessary to do so.

I still shudder at the memories of that class though…

So last nights dinner turned out ummm ok…
It was basically a shepherd’s pie type dish but with tons of veggies. The bottom layer included carrots, potatoes, parsnips, rutabagas, mushrooms, broccoli and leek instead of beef. There was a tomato and red wine sauce instead of gravy poured over the roasted veggies. Finally a sweet potato topping (sweet potatoes, yogurt, butter and nutmeg) placed on top and baked all together in the oven then topped with a bit of cheese (email me if you want the full recipe). I tried to take pics with the iPhone camera, but they’re not very good and don’t do the dish justice (the first 2 pics below).

This dish was a ton of work and it was a huge quantity of food so we have to try to find room in the freezer (after many leftovers of course). It was good food but definitely different than anything I’ve ever had before, it tasted quite sweet actually. It was a ‘meh’. I don’t think I will make it frequently. Maybe for a holiday feast option or something?

I also discovered that I really dislike the bitter taste of parsnips. Maybe they weren’t cooked right or maybe I didn’t buy good ones (because I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to be quite bland) but I sure didn’t like them!

Tonight I made “fall vegetable paella”. Oh wow was this ever good!!!

It was brown rice cooked with vegetable broth and curry spice in a wok and then all of the lovely veggies (pictured below, 3rd down) stir fried together. It was so full of flavour and very filling. We ate it so fast I didnt even get a chance to snap a pic! I can’t wait to have some tomorrow for lunch!

I would type out the recipe because you should definitely try this meal, but I can’t format it right so email me if you want it.

Tomorrow is 3 cheese asparagus burritos and yam chips with almond dip! My mouth is watering…


~ by Richelle on February 22, 2010.

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