Mmmmm soup!

Tonight I made quite possibly the best soup EVER!

I got home a little late from work today (6ish) after a very brain intensive computer programming kind of day, so I felt tired and just generally ‘blah’. I did have plans to make soup tonight as well as roasted red pepper and pesto quinoa, but I just couldn’t find the energy. I almost completely bailed on cooking at all and settling for a sandwich or something when I felt a pang of guilt: if I don’t stick with the plan my veggies will go bad and money will be wasted, also I would have missed out on the most amazing soup ever!

The soup I made tonight was leek, potato, carrot, fresh thyme, onion and garlic simmered in vegetable broth for ~30 mins. This soup was supposed to contain parsnips and rutabaga, but I replaced those with more potatoes and carrots due to my recent bad taste experience in the veggie pie.

After simmering, I removed 1 cup of veggies and mashed them up. I then readded the mash to the pot with some milk and shredded cheddar. The result was creamy vegetable goodness!! This soup was so filling and flavorful I didn’t even miss the meat!

Brett, who is supremely against soup for dinner (don’t ask me I don’t get it either) went bat shit crazy for this stuff, so it must have been good

I was so happy that I got up and made this even though I was really not feeling it. Mostly because I have never made soup from scratch before and so I think I had built up a wall about it being difficult and time consuming, but that was obviously a HUGE misconception on my part. This soup took about 45 mins from beginning to end and most of that time requires no effort at all! I will absolutely be making more soup in the future. I looooove soup, and now that I can make a fresh version with real ingredients (compared to canned soup) I feel much better about eating it too!

I just can’t believe I’ve never done this before!

I tried to take pics (first one below), but I only got a pre simmer shot. One the soup was ready there was no opportunity because we were too busy eating!

Last nights dinner was not deserving of it’s own post. It was a big ‘meh’. I made 3 cheese asparagus burritos with yam chips and almond dip. The 3 cheese blend was delish, but I feel like there needed to be more in the wrap than just cheese and asparagus (perhaps chicken?). The yam chips were actually really good, even though they were either burnt or soggy, which made dipping in a thick dip difficult. I think that fries can be done in the oven, but chips should maybe be deep fried for crispyness. The dip recipe also made almost 2 cups of dip which is way too much resulting in a waste of food. It was easy to make and really good though so next time I’ll quarter the recipe, it’s almonds, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and water blended together. I’ve attached pics of last nights failed attempt below


~ by Richelle on February 24, 2010.

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