Hello Again!

So because of my astronomically terrible PC, I have been far removed from blogging for the past several weeks *tear. Everytime I would write my post, my computer would freeze and crash and put me in an anger filled rage.

So I gave up (or in I suppose) and bought a new computer. Brett was finding himself equally as frustrated, as he was not able to do any homework that involved a computer.

So together we decided to stop the madness and buy a computer that would last, and really get us our money’s worth. I had always wanted a Mac, and with the recent acquisition of my new Camera, I wanted something that would help me save, organize and edit my images. Brett needed a computer that would run programs like illustrator and flash for his animations that he’s developing, and the Mac had the potential to meet both of our needs. So behold the 27″ of beauty!

(I apologize for the poor picture quality, it was taken from the iphone as my camera is full and currently downloading 16 GB’s of data because I haven’t been able to unload it for over a month…)

Aaanyways, so far this computer has been a dream come true! when we placed it on the desk we were both in awe. We plugged it in with delight and then proceeded to spend a good solid 20min trying to find the power button… Once we made it over that hurdle, the rest was a breeze! I’ve never used a Mac before, so a lot of this is very new to me, and I’ve spent most of the weekend moving files, doing tutorials, and generally just getting a feel for things, what a timesucker!!

This also means the return of me to blogging (Yay!). I contemplated how I would do this, do I try to recap the last few months? or do I start fresh on a go forward level?

I’ve decided to write on a go forward basis =)

So here it goes ( I warn that it is not too terribly exciting because I’ve been glued to my Mac all weekend, but whatev):

This afternoon I did manage to pull myself away from it long enough to embark on a little photo project:

I finally (with the help of my amazing fiance) hung the many pictures that I spent so long printing and framing. I really enjoy photography, but usually my photos sit on my hard drive or facebook etc, and it feels like I never get a chance to appreciate them. So I picked through pictures from 2007 until now and sent my favourites to be printed. I framed them immediately, and they then sat on my kitchen table for a good solid 3 weeks or so…

Then finally today we put them up, and I was very exited about it! I think it adds an amazing vibe to the living room

We also managed to make it to the grocery store today. I went in for a few things, and two basketfulls and an hour later, we were done. This turned out to be an interesting experiment because usually there is only one basket or one cart, but this time we had to grab another halfway through. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but as Brett was unloading his basket at the checkout I started seeing a lot of ‘crap’ comming down the checkout, like various kinds of pizza pops, pepperoni sticks, soda etc. Obviously Brett thought he was being sneaky or something, I’m not sure, but the conversation that ensued in the parking lot post checkout was basically this:

R: “WTF did we just buy Brett?”

B: “But Ricki it was all on sale!”

R: “Of course it was on sale, it’s all crap!”

B: “But when craps that cheap you gotta buy it!!”

…I burst out laughing because what can you say to that… The pizza pops won. for now.

I try my hardest to cook healthy meals, but I obviously still have work to do…

Well it’s like 11:20pm now I definitely have to go to sleep, tomorrow’s gonna be a looooong day


~ by Richelle on April 11, 2010.

One Response to “Hello Again!”

  1. AH! Pizza Pops ALWAYS win!!!
    Way to go Toes!!

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