Youth juice…

I stopped by the Peace County Health and wellness show today. After looking at many different exhibitors, I came across one that really grabbed my interest: Youth Juice
When I first walked by I thought the were selling healthy wine or something. So I passed by at first. Then I was offered a sample. It was very concentrated and delightfully sweet, and they said you are only supposed to drink 1 ounce a day. My first instinct was that this was complete ‘snake oil’. However when I looked at the nutritional information and the ingredients I knew that you can’t really like about that kind of goodness! She said it’s made in Kelowna and there’s over 3 pounds of fruit in every bottle, crazy!!
So I bought some. Brett and I both had a shot of it today in a smoothie, which was so delish I barely grabbed a photo of it. It’s suuuuper dark and purple so it added a nice colour as well to a strawberry, banana and almond milk smoothie.
It’s supposed to be taken like a vitamin supplement, so Brett and I are going to take it everyday. I look forward to playing around with different options. Maybe on yogurt? Maybe on frogurt? Maybe on crepes? Maybe in juice? Maybe??

This definitely taught me to not judge things by their err ummm bottle?


~ by Richelle on April 18, 2010.

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