It’s been a while…

Wow I haven’t posted in almost a month!! So much has happened!!

Therefore I am making it a goal for myself: 15 posts in 15 days. I don’t want to miss out on blogging about the important events!

So to catch up…

I was in Calgary for a week in November for an Engineering Conference. It was amazing to see my family and friends. I really really miss everyone, and my hometown, but I do realize that living up here is giving me invaluable experience and is so necessary for my career.

Work has been CRAZY the last few weeks! I’m learning so much it’s crazy and I’m having alot of fum doing it too! since winter has hit the commute to work has been less than ideal. One morning a few weeks ago I recieved a call from the control room at 6 am telling me that it had poured rain all night and the temperature was -15C… Don’t ask me how it rained when the temperature was that low, but it did do a really good job of turning the highway into a skating rink. I approached the last corner before the plant and saw this:

The curves on the highway are at such an angle that if you don’t approach them with a speed greater than ideling, you will most likely slide right off the road if it is icy enough, which it was…

I’ve been out in the field alot in the past few weeks, riding around with operators and learning so much! I was out with one operator and we came across this little guy, as I was frantically trying to find my camera, the operator started making moose calls to keep him there until I could snap a pic. When he first made the sound I stopped and looked at him very confused and said “What the eff was that?” to which he replied “A moose call”. I am from the city and I do not hunt, so moose calling is not something that I have ever heard before. Apparently it’s something that this guy was quite good at lol!

I thought this moose was huge, but he informed me that it was just a little guy (based on the size of his antlers)

Yesterday when I was out with a different Operator, it felt like the Appocolypse. It was literally snowing sideways because it was so windy and driving visibility was almost zero because it was snowing so hard. The snow on some access roads would be nearly as high as the hood!

We were coming out of a compressor site and came across this fiasco

Apparently the guy took the corner a little too tight and his trailer slid into the ditch, so he was stuck and blocking the only road out. Luckily his buddy showed up (and almost hit him) and was able to clear a little path for us to get by so that we could get out! The trickiest part of yesterday was figuring out where the road ended and the ditch began, because snow drifts make it seem like the road is alot wider than it actually is, and once you hit the ditch, it’s very difficult to get out, as the other operator discovered

So we hooked on a tow rope and tried to give him a tug out, but the rope swung us into the ditch as well!! those two guys were digging furiously to get us out, and finally we did. it was a good thing too because the weather wasn’t getting any better, it felt like Siberia out there…

So after all of that crazyness we were able to get on with trying to work. The back of the operators truck was caked with snow

It was a crazy day and this is only the beginning!! I’m just so glad that these guys are so good at driving in these conditions! And all of this just to get to a well! Good thing gas prices are rising

In other news, Bailey got a haircut and she looks ADORABLE!!


~ by Richelle on December 5, 2009.

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